How Blaze New Media Will Treat Your Site for SEO Project

You may wonder what Blaze New Media will do to your site when you have agreed the deal. It’s kitchen secret actually, but it has to be something common to tell when it has come to the treatment of SEO. The first thing that Blaze New Media will do to your site is to have diagnostic statement about your site whether it has been applied with SEO or not. So, there have to be two possibilities and two different treatments. When your site has ever been treated with SEO strategies, it will be faster than the site that never uses any SEO strategy. However, there are still many sites that use SEO wrongly and Blaze New Media will recover and start everything with better initial activity to get the best result. So, let’s see how Blaze New Media will treat to your site.

Blaze Methodology

First, if the site is new, it might take until 15 months to get maximum result as it needs long treatments for the strategies and all of things to do with the SEO. If the site is 3 years old at least and never use SEO, it could only take a year to get maximum result on page. Second, if the site has ever been treated with SEO, but you may not be satisfied with the result then Blaze New Media will diagnose the previous treatment and make sure whether the techniques are right or wrong. If it is right, there only needs to refine the keywords based on the ranks and will only need 3 up to 9 months to refine your rank and SEO result. If the previous strategy is wrong, Blaze New Media will have to recover and decide whether it needs to have new domain or not to get better result. So, it really depends on the condition of your site to get the right treatment for SEO.  For more information about our services, check out